If one of your goals for 2016 is to energize your body and slim down, you know that the quality of the food you put into your body is critical. The quantity of the food you eat is also vital to your success. A lot of people tell me that they know what to eat, but they can’t figure out how much of it to put on their plate. Over time as you eat clean, reset your taste buds, and learn to listen to the hunger and satiety signals your body gives you, you will most likely develop a natural sense for portion control. In the meantime, you can utilize my easy to follow portion control guidelines below that don’t require anything more than what you always have with you: your hand!

Why do we even need this guide? Our perception of healthy portion sizes has been distorted. Most restaurants serve dishes with enough food for two or three people, if not more. We have adjusted to eating these huge portions, even of foods that we would put in the “good for us” category. So the next time you order food at a restaurant or get ready to put food on to your plate at home, consult these easy to follow tips below.

Recommended portion guidelines for common foods:


By the way, it’s not just portion sizes that have been expanding. Our plates have been growing along with them. Some dinner plates today are 11” in diameter or larger. We tend to fill the plate we are using, so grab a smaller plate and you will automatically limit the amount of food you eat. Whatever the size of your plate, aim to fill at least half of it with non-starchy vegetables at lunch and dinner. And FYI, the more dark leafy greens the better.

More on Starchy Vegetables:
Common vegetables with high amounts of starch include white and sweet potatoes, peas, corn and winter squash. Although still nutritious, they are higher in calories than non-starchy veggies and also cause greater increases in blood sugar levels. Eat them in moderation.



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